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3 Reasons You Need A Headshot

Why go to the trouble of a Professional Headshot? In today's environment, it's a rare occasion that we meet in person and can put a face to a name. We use headshots on websites, business cards, emails, Zoom meetings, business conferences, and seminars. It's more important than ever to have a good professional headshot as we continue to build relationships with clients and partners. In fact, I'll give you three important reasons why you need a headshot. 

1. First Impressions Count

Professional headshots lead to familiarity and trust. They allow the client to build-up to the warm, personable staff they are about to meet. Building that relationship prior to the client contacting your company is an absolute must. If a potential client is yet to decide whether or not to use your services, a positive visual connection will make them much more likely to engage with you and your staff. 

2. You Care About What You Do

Nothing says "I care about what I do" more than someone who has taken the extra steps to invest in themselves. If you don't care about yourself, why should anyone else? Your headshot will exude confidence in who you are and what you stand for. This will, in turn, present the same confidence in your professional capabilities. A professional headshot is an investment you will forever see the benefits from. 

3. We Are Professionals

Selfies and Avatars just don't cut it. Everyone needs a great headshot. According to Forbes Magazine, "Whether for a social profile or your company's website, the quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct business."  A well-thought-out, high-quality headshot serves to reinforce a company's commitment to quality and professionalism. 

You are worth the time and so are the people you connect with. Take advantage of this special opportunity to work with a professional photographer who will help you create a great headshot. 


Headshot sessions are provided by the Workforce Investment Board Business Services Team and do not cost anything to participate in.

The studio location will be near Downtown Visalia at 317 S Central Street. 



Christina Hopper

Business Resource Specialist

text: 559.402.0024


WIB Slack Channel #general or direct message

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