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May Homecoming | Lemoore Ca Photographer

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

A May Homecoming in the same month we honor the fallen and their families who have sacrificed it all, seems so fitting as we all need to be reminded just how deep the sacrifice goes. Several times now I've had the honor and privilege to capture a homecoming. I work with military families who eagerly await the return of loved ones. Through my lens I see their faces and tears hitting me like a ton of bricks, this sacrifice is real.

I would love to share these precious and very real moments...

The wife, who can barely stand, fighting the overwhelming emotions of a flyover, knowing just how close they are.

In a crowded line of people on the verge of running. Photographers, EVERYWHERE trying not to miss it. In a split second, everyone runs! Imagine charging into a crowd with your face completely masked by a camera. A bit bewildering.

Then comes the embraces, a fiery kiss clinging on as if they'll never let go again. The look of disbelief in her face that he really stands before her.

The father looking into the face of his toddler, hoping he'll remember him after being gone for so long. A pause of wonder met with delight as the child undoubtedly knows, this is my dad!

How these moments are still so fresh in my mind. I hope you enjoy these images but may they strongly serve as a reminder to honor those who serve and their families.

Homecoming Fly-in Photography at the NAS Lemoore Base in Lemoore Ca 2019.

Christina Joy Hopper is a photographer who serves Central California, capturing Weddings, Portraits, and Events since 2004.

Find more of her work on Instagram: @cjhopper and her website at

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