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My name is Christina Hopper, a Business Resource Specialist who recently joined the WIB. I am also a small business owner and professional photographer for the Central Valley for 17 years. I specialize in working with professionals to authentically create high-quality portraits 

My Story

Photography was a natural medium that brings my two passions together. Art and people. Ever since I was a little girl I've gravitated towards human relationships. I was fascinated by pictures and desired to create my own. 

I studied photography some in college but I am mostly self-taught and mentored by my talented husband, Jason, who taught me the technical side of photography as well as the business. In 2009, Jason and I decided to open a small photography studio on Main Street in Downtown Visalia. We knew nothing about running a business but bootstrapped our way with three small children. It was a struggle but we managed to build a semi-successful business that provided for the family until Jason completed his educational degrees and left the business to pursue a second income. 


With Jason gone, it was up to me to keep the business going. In the challenge of learning to run a small business, I amazingly discovered I was more than a photographer or a business owner. I discovered that I am a relationship builder who strongly desires to cultivate and develop the beauty I see in people. I create an authentic professional experience that clients can trust while providing talent and skill behind the lens. 


I hope to build new relationships and share my talents in my new position at the WIB as we continue to design customer-centered business services that lead to a thriving workforce. 


Headshot sessions are provided by the Workforce Investment Board Business Services Team and do not cost anything to participate in.

The studio location will be near Downtown Visalia at 317 S Central Street. 



Christina Hopper

Business Resource Specialist

text: 559.402.0024


WIB Slack Channel #general or direct message

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