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Deciding what to wear can be a challenge. So finding a place to start will make this process easier.


First, choose clothing that is comfortable but stylish. This will provide more confidence in front of the camera while representing your authentic self. See the Dos and Don'ts section below for more tips!

Next, what color should you wear? To create a unified look for your organization, choose a base color from the color palette below for the suit, jacket, or dress you will wear. Then, within the same color palette, select a contrasting color for the shirt, blouse, tie, or if adding accessories.  

Color Palette

Headshot Guide & Prep

At the Office


Dress professionally as you would for a work meeting. I recommend wearing a coat, blazer, or cardigan.  


Tip - Wear the best fit possible. Baggy clothing will make you appear larger.


Headshot sessions are provided by the Workforce Investment Board Business Services Team and do not cost anything to participate in.

The studio location will be near Downtown Visalia at 317 S Central Street. 



Christina Hopper

Business Resource Specialist

text: 559.402.0024


WIB Slack Channel #general or direct message

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