Our Style - cjhopper
Our style is authentic, clean, crisp and colorful. 

On one level, we love doing our job well and we hold ourselves to very high standards. Quality is one of our highest values, and we don't rest until we have delivered the best performance, best product, and most enjoyable experience that we can. When we can, we prefer to use warm natural light to create emotion in our photographs. When ideal light is not available, we add our own complementary light to enhance the moment and add romance. We like that we can solve problems, have fun, and still create beautiful art that thrills our clients.  

On a deeper level, we know the real reason why our clients love our work... because our pictures are filled with people that they love, heartfelt memories, and because our pictures reflect their growing love for one another. The truth that we embrace is the meaning behind our photographs is far more significant than our ability to create them. And so we partner with our clients in the creative process, setting aside several special moments for real, raw emotion and relationships to take place and then we capture it. 

It has possibly been overstated how important wedding photography is, being the only investment on your wedding day that will last, but it is so true. Quality photography is like a key that unlocks memories and emotion that has been stored away in the heart. It is an honor that we have been able to offer this service to so many couples.